Carvell Systems are a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions drawing knowledge and experience from the broader Carvell Group of businesses.

We assist organisations working within and around the electro-technical services industry whether it be contractors, manufacturers, distributors or scheme certification bodies and providers in automating what would be traditionally labour intensive processes using information technology.

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We have developed a range of modular solutions that incorporate features and functionality designed to simplify the processes and management of varying work areas such as 24/7 appointment booking, work scheduling, document collaboration and certification.

These modular solutions can be applied to a number of industry specific work activities such as training, engineer scheduling, work reporting and competency certification, thus improving efficiency, compliance and collaboration.

Typical software development companies provide bespoke software solutions to a broad range of clients working across multiple industries.  This lack of industry knowledge results in wasted energy understanding each client’s business in order to position themselves to develop a particular solution.

In contrast, Carvell Systems understands your business and has a range of products designed to provide industry specific solutions.

Working solely in and around the electro-technical building services sector, our technical consultants who are industry experts and are qualified in matters of technical and quality compliance work with your operational team to identify, document and in some instances improve the workflows within your business.  Our technical consultants then communicate the needs of your business to our product development team who tailor our modular solutions to meet with your specific requirements.

Our products are white labelled and as a result will be branded to your organisation.

Many software providers look at user training as an ongoing revenue stream.  This traditional approach results in the user having to incur costs for training due to increases and changes in personnel.

Our solutions are designed to be simple, easy to use and incorporate user training within the system itself providing point-of-use guidance on how to use the system.  This reduces and often eliminates the need for staff to be trained on system usage.

Each of our modular solutions require minimal customisation to get your business up and running.  Once set up, your business will immediately start to enjoy the benefits of the efficiencies that our systems bring.

Our point of use charge model means that our clients only pay a small percentage of what would normally be a human resource cost to undertake the tasks that our systems automate.

This means you pay out of the savings you make.