Christopher Carvell MIET MIFSM PCQIManaging Director
Christopher works in a very much hands on role and heads up our team of Technical Consultants who work with your business to understand and review existing processes and methods of working to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Christopher draws from his experiences working in technical, managerial, auditing and consultancy roles which gives him an ability to identify opportunities for IT based systems to improve efficiency and provide higher levels of technical compliance and governance.

His expertise has proven invaluable, he is solutions focused, and collaborates with our clients, technical consultants and team to create products and solutions that are innovative and practical.

Christopher’s ethos of collaboration and innovation has become the culture of Carvell Systems. This enables us to offer a very different service to most software development companies in that we have the ability to understand each of our clients individual needs from a practical perspective and communicate these needs to our systems development team to ensure that the solutions we develop are in tune with the specific requirements of each of our clients.

Rob BoyleHead of Systems Development
Rob is the technical lead for the development team at Carvell Systems, guiding and managing the team and supporting them in building industry leading, robust and innovative software solutions.

Drawing from a career in developing and implementing software solutions for the public and private sector, Rob specialises in the scoping, planning and delivery of all software products that Carvell Systems provide to their clients.

Working closely with our technical consultants after the scoping of requirements is complete identifying your business needs, Rob develops the action plan for implementation and or customisation of our software products to suit the needs of your business.