Our booking system solution empowers your business with the ability to offer services that require pre-arrangement to be handled through an easy-to-use online interface.

The system provides an easy to use and robust solution that can be integrated into existing systems for a complete solution your booking service requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Engineer booking
  • Audit booking
  • Training
  • Service bookings


The biggest advantage of an online booking system is that your service is available for use 24/7.  The system will manage your staff availability and handle all booking requests allowing you to focus on the day job.

Once bookings have been accepted, the system takes care of reminders and notifications removing the need for manual engagement with all parties involved, saving time on what would otherwise be routine tasks.

Your booking information is displayed in a variety of ways from list based booking information to a detailed calendar view which can be broken down to display daily, weekly and monthly entries ensuring you have quick and easy access to your data.

Detailed reporting allows you to export your booking information in a number of ways relevant to your business.

Our booking system solution is designed to be easy to use for all users, including detailed guidance for each section and an in-depth knowledge base for learning how to best use the system.  We believe that any software solution should be understandable and usable without the need for costly training packages!


Carvell Systems provide 3 cost options to our clients:

  1. One-off development cost of build
  2. Zero cost of build with a subsequent charge on usage
  3. Hybrid model of a discounted cost of build and reduced charge on usage

Our technical consultants will advise on options that are suitable for your organisation based upon your business requirements.

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