Our document collaboration system provides functionality tools to help multiple people working within different organisations to work together as a team using a centralised cloud based system to achieve a common goal.

Our system is suitable for numerous applications where documents and information need to be accessed and transferred between different parties such as designers, installers, commissioning engineers and clients.

Typical Applications

  • Construction projects
  • Facilities management
  • Training
  • Internal and external auditing
  • Subscription or membership management
  • Calibration services
  • Customer support services
  • Manufacturing


Time dependant activities such as calibration due dates, insurance renewals, training due dates, certification expiry dates and document upload due dates can be set so that relevant individuals are notified through the system dashboard, by email and or by text message.

Our system can be easily customised by our development team so that it meets with your specific requirements and incorporates your corporate branding. Unlike most mainstream document collaboration systems we build systems to fit your business and don’t expect you to fit our system.

Users can log onto the system using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Access to the system can be turned on or turned off with ease using the access rights management tool.

We incorporate work flow management functionality which provides task prompts to guide the user on a specified task or requirement which needs to be fulfilled before moving through the process.

Prompts can be provided as guidance or can be enhanced to be a mandatory functionality so that predetermined work flows are strictly followed to provide automated technical and quality governance.

We work with your organisation to utilise existing or create template documents such as procedures, registers, forms, quotations, audit checklists, certificates and work reports that are branded to your organisation creating a total workflow solution to individual or multiple tasks or processes.


Carvell Systems provide 3 cost options to our clients:

  1. One-off development cost of build
  2. Zero cost of build with a subsequent charge on usage
  3. Hybrid model of a discounted cost of build and reduced charge on usage

Our technical consultants will advise on options that are suitable for your organisation based upon your business requirements.

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