Our work scheduling solution offers a powerful, fully featured system to allow businesses to manage and schedule work calendars for their employees.

Our solution allows for quick and easy schedule management that is easy to use and can be enhanced to cater for individual needs of your business.

Typical Applications

  • Engineer scheduling
  • Audit scheduling


Instantly notify your staff when changes have been made to their schedule at a click of a button.  The system can send notifications to your staff alerting them of new works scheduled via email or text alert.

The system displays all work scheduled for your staff in a visual format and is reactive to ensure no bookings overlap allowing your staff to quickly schedule in work based upon the latest availability.

Pull down reports of your staff scheduling in seconds, allowing for detailed feedback on your work activities.

Quickly re-assign scheduled works to any member of staff should availability become an issue due to ill health, travel etc.  The system allows for quick and easy identification and allocation of suitable replacement staff to cover any potential no shows.


Carvell Systems provide 3 cost options to our clients:

  1. One-off development cost of build
  2. Zero cost of build with a subsequent charge on usage
  3. Hybrid model of a discounted cost of build and reduced charge on usage

Our technical consultants will advise on options that are suitable for your organisation based upon your business requirements.

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